“Kitchen World Hub”

Buddhist prediction, Thailand will pass through many difficulties. Further, to insure the success of prosperity, it is a complete wealth like the country's most prosperous countries. Thailand is a country of superpowers because of food security.

Dr. Panya Chotitawan Executive Chairman Saha Farm International Co., Ltd. & Dr. Hongsaraj Rodrueng Executive Chairman SV Leasing Co., Ltd. Both management persons looking forward opportunity to bring Thailand in to the project, "Thai Kitchen to the World“ or “Kitchen World Hub”, for the sake of national and Thai people who have His Majesty the King as Head of State.

The "Thai Kitchen to the world" project for Humanity It consists of three main projects as follows:
1. Source of non-toxic food for health and marijuana for medical benefits
2. Food silos to reduce toxic substances and to be used in shortages
3. Renewable energy from solar energy for energy security and irrigation systems
From these three projects can make many benefits or we can say "doing three things , ten benefits occurring“
• Ensuring food and energy security
• Promotes less income farmers, to achieve career and sustainable earnings.
• Promotes Thailand to be the source of quality and non-toxic food production.
• Reducing energy use that effects the environment
• Build water reservoir (like monkey Cheeks) for flood prevention.
• Build water reservoir (like monkey Cheeks) for flood prevention.
• Generating electricity from light the sun is used to produce food and agriculture
• Store rice in a silo to reduce the amount of chemicals and use in shortage period.
• To reduce the cost of food production compete in the world market.
• To reduce the cost of food production compete in the world market.

Dr. Panya Chotitawan and Dr.Hongsaraj Rodrueng together ,the project has been engaged in the plan and construction of the three projects to drive Thailand's economic to "the world", starting from the project floor in Lopburi and neighboring provinces of 75,000 Rai for the project by dividing the area of 22,000 Rai for the water supply irrigation system is used for non-toxic and agricultural food projects, and has developed the power generation from solar energy system to prevent the evaporation of water, reducing water depletion in the irrigation system. It also creates energy stability in the production of non-toxic food in the project, "Thai Kitchen to the World“ or “Kitchen World Hub“ of Saha Farm International Co., Ltd., the project is managed by the SV Leasing Co., Ltd., Dr.Hongsaraj Rodrueng the Chairman of the Executive Committee , which will conduct the construction and control of the project to maintain the maintenance of all 25 years. Comply with Dr. Panya Chotitawan’s idea of “How to make Thailand to achieve for food production source which clean , healthy and non-toxic" product.

The installation project of the food silo system to reduce toxins and to be used in shortage. The aim is to help create the job and take care of millions of people.
Currently, we refuse that foods that we consume every day contaminate with many chemicals and germs, which are harmful to the health of the world population and impact the environment. Dr. Panya Chotitawan and Dr. Hongsaraj Rodrueng have made such a project for the benefit of humanity. The following project details are available:

• Take 75,000 Rai of land in Lopburi and neighboring provinces to execute the project to be water source and solar energy source for non-toxic food projects. It is also a source of water and energy for farmers in central provinces of 19 provinces.
• Create a FLOATING solar power production source of 3,000 MW use the storage area of the 22,000 Rai reservoir for use in power generation.
• Non-toxic chicken farms are manufactured by Saha Farm International Co., Ltd. using clean energy to produce food for the whole world.

Storage SILO total 10 million tons of feeding volume , Include:-
• Rice silo 3 million tons
• Corn silo7 million tons

Project execution budget
Land price used in operations amounting to baht 75,000 Rai 20,000 million baht.
Budget for space and utility adjustments 60,000 million baht.
SOLAR FLOATING 3,000 MW 138,000 million baht.
Maintenance fee for SOLAR FLOATING 25 years 9,000 million baht.
10 million tons of food storage silo 100,000 million baht.
Non-toxic food and management system And delivery of SAHA FARM INTERNATIONAL COST. 100,000 million baht.

Total budget in Operation 427,000 million baht